AxisInternet, Inc.

VoIP Phones

The Axis-VoIP™ services will work with most any recent VoIP phone that supports the standard SIP or IAX protocols.

You can use your existing VoIP phones, or we can provide some excellent quality phones from Cisco, Polycom, Astra and Yealink, as well as others. In addition to models that support HD audio and video, they are available wired and wireless. We can also provide ATA's (digital to analog converters) that will allow you to use some legacy analog phones as well as fax and credit card machines, and POS terminals.

Yealink VoIP Phones

Yealink has over 50 R&D engineers who ensure the innovation of their products. Their VoIP phones (above) are characterized by a large number of functions which simplify business communication with a high standard of security and quality. Yealink offers standard SIP desk phones, as well as higher end video and multimedia phones - all of which work with the Axis-VoIP services.

Cisco 5xx Series VoIP Phones

From the lobby to the break room, these Cisco 5xx series phones (pictured above) offer enough features for everyone from executives and cubicle workers, to the staff in your warehouse. Your employees stay productive, and enjoy reliable access to voice and data communications wherever they are, while your costs stay low.

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