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Services: Benefits

Cost Savings:

One of the most attractive features of digital phone service is the cost savings. Instead of being processed across the conventional PSTN lines, it's traffic travels over the Internet and local LAN. When you move away from the public switched telephone networks (PSTN), long-distance phone calls (even international calls) can become very inexpensive. Axis-VoIP™ digital phone service saves you money every month with services as low as $19.95 per extension - and that includes unlimited local and long distance calling, voicemail, fax to email, conference rooms, hot desks and much more.

ScopTEL™ Management Interface

The ScopTEL applications suite is a complete IP PBX management system based on the Asterisk open-source technology. The intuitive ScopTEL web based interface includes all of the usual features, plus much more. It is easy to use and can be accessed from your desktop as well as smart phones and tablets.

Rich in Features:

Our digital phone service provides a rich set of features such as personal IVRs, voicemail, call queues, Find-Me-Follow-Me, selective call forwarding, simultaneous ringing on multiple phones, company IVRs, flexible call route scheduling, FAX, hot desk, and much more.

Phone Portability:

Legacy phone systems assign a phone number to a dedicated line. As such, you cannot move your phone to another location if you want to use the incoming phone number. However, Axis-VoIP digital phone service provides complete phone number portability! Your phone device can utilize the same phone number anywhere in the world where you can make a high-speed Internet connection. This allows your employees to bring their IP phones or use softphones when traveling, and utilize the same phone numbers everywhere. Your customers can also reach you on that same phone number - any where you are.

The Axis-VoIP Hot Desk feature allows you to quickly setup phones, then log in and out of your extension from that phone - or any other phone on the system. This means that if you wish employees to frequently work from different desks or even different locations, they only need to remember their hot desk extension and PIN code to use their number.

Feature Mobility:

Wherever your phone goes, the same services and features are all available. This includes all calling features, voicemail access, CDR's, system management interface, ScopStats, etc.

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