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Services: Brochures

Below you'll find brochures for the individual packages in the ScopTEL VoIP applications suite. These documents provide more information and details on how Axis-VoIP and ScopTEL can help you in your business. Please click the icons below to download.

ScopTel IP PBX BrochureScopTEL™ IP PBX - The telecommunication expert software.

ScopTEL is a comprehensive IP PBX application of exceptional quality that you can use to comprehensively manage your business calls.

ScopSTATS BrochureScopSTATS™ - The statistical expert software.

ScopSTATS hierachical links system is the ideal tool to process your paired data. ScopSTATS gives you a better tracking of your information.

ScopTel IP PBX BrochureScopBOX™ - Complete CPE IP PBX featuring ScopTEL.

ScopBOX is loaded with the full version of ScopTEL. Available in 10, 25 and 50 extension versions, each user can enjoy all of the integrated features found in ScopTEL. We can also manage and/or host this for you as a customer dedicated PBX system.

ScopSWITCH BrochureScopSWITCH™ - The real-time information expert software.

ScopSWITCH lets call center agents and supervisors thoroughly monitor user status in real-time. ScopSWITCH compiles vital information about the effectiveness of your customer service.

ScopDEV BrochureScopDEV™ - The interactive expert software development kit.

ScopDEV allows you to build custom forms for your customers with a quick transfer of information during customers calls.

ScopCOMM BrochureScopCOMM™ - The real-time communication expert software.

ScopCOMM is an audio/video Internet soft phone that includes VoIP, Presence and Instant Messaging client. ScopCOMM provides many intuitive features to suit all types of users.

ScopDIAL BrochureScopDIAL™ - The Click-to-Dial expert software.

ScopDIAL, soon to be released, integrates the ScopTEL IP PBX automatic dialing functionality into Microsoft Office and any web browser. ScopDIAL automatically detects contacts and telephone numbers in Outlook/Word/etc.

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