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ScopStats Screenshot ScopTEL is a comprehensive IP PBX application of exceptional quality that you can use to comprehensively manage your business calls. The ScopTel software suite is a complete unified communications system with features and functionality far above the competition. AxisInternet is proud to be a Bronze Level U.S. reseller for the ScopTEL IP PBX and uses it as the core of the Axis-VoIP™ digital phone services.

And we don't just sell it - we use it ourselves for all of our telecommunication requirements!

All of the features you'd expect, like call-waiting, forwarding, transfer, voicemail, plus many more - some not found in PBX's costing many thousands of dollars.

Our digital phone services includes such advanced features as voicemail to email, Fax to email/email to Fax, conference rooms, Outlook and Office integration, video calls, find-me-follow-me, personal IVR, advanced call queues, calendar integration, scheduled call routing, virtual office functionality (Hotdesk), call barging, parking lots, and more!

ScopStats Screenshot

ScopSTATS™ - The Statistical Expert Software

ScopSTATS is the real-time reporting tool for the ScopTEL IP PBX. This reporting tool will give you visual and accurate data pin pointing. Coupled with hierarchical links between parent data, you can follow the trace of any statistic you need. ScopSTATS uses HTML5 instead of Flash, as many do, making it compatible with your iPhone and iPad and well as all current desktop browsers, smart phones, and Android devices. ScopSTATS can show your real-time data on your calls - watch them as they happen, as well as a wealth of historical information.

ScopCOMM™ and ScopDIAL™ provide exceptional tools to keep you efficient.

ScopCOMM is a soft-phone (Mac, Linux and Windows) and ScopDIAL (coming soon) is an Office and web dialer. These applications gives you the ability to stay connected almost anywhere in the world and efficiently manage your calls and contacts. Axis-VoIP is also fully compatible with any SIP based softphone that you can install on your smartphone, tablet, or even your desktop computer!

NEW Mobile Friendly User Portal!

The new ScopTEL User Portal allows you to review your calls, check and listen to voicemail, set your DND, modify your find-me-follow-me, and more, all from a very mobile friendly web client. Access it from your desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone - it's designed to be responsive to all display formats.

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