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ScopServ's ScopTEL™ Application Suite

ScopServ International VoIP solutions are renowned as reliable and economically advantageous alternatives

ScopTel User Interface Screenshot to traditional telephony services. The ScopTEL IP PBX integrated system provides one of the most stable and rich environments available on the market. We are proud to serve our customers with transparency, reliability and adaptability. We take pride in having developed excellent relationships with our loyal customers, as well as in the good reputation we have earned over the years.

The ScopTEL applications suite is a complete IP PBX management system based on the Asterisk open-source VoIP technology.

The ScopTEL intuitive graphical user interface benefits from the whole set of the Asterisk platform's proven functionalities and even more, thus making it incomparably easy to use for all users. With the Axis-VoIP™ service, we offer your choice of a hosted ScopTEL IP PBX solution, or the ScopTEL IP PBX installed at your location. And we can offer as much management as you want with either selection.

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More than just an alternative to traditional business telephony, the ScopTEL Application Suite solution represents a whole new approach to business communications.

ScopServ's comprehensive top quality IP PBX software makes ScopTEL IP PBX the nerve center of your telecommunications. Offering comprehensive business call management, this software combines the three fundamental benefits of IP telephony: performance, reliability and scalability. A unified, comprehensive and efficient communication system can now easily be developed using Axis-VoIP and the ScopTEL IP PBX.

AxisInternet - Bronze Level Reseller in U.S.A.

AxisInternet is proud to be the only ScopServ Bronze Level U.S.A. Reseller of the full ScopTEL IP PBX Application Suite, available as a hosted or on-premises telephone and advanced communications solution.

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